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Hurricane Preparedness

For Your Business

Advanced Planning Can Save Your Business.
As businesses brace for Hurricane [variable], ServiceMaster Restoration Services is ready to assist your business should you encounter any storm damage from high winds to heavy rains. As the experts in disaster restoration, ServiceMaster Restoration Services makes the following recommendations:

Getting Prepared.

  1. Evaluate your contingency plan and make sure it is up-to-date.
  2. Review and understand your property’s insurance coverage including deductibles. What is your coverage for hurricane damage?
  3. Compile an Emergency Contact List with 24-hour telephone numbers and email addresses for essential employees.
  4. Identify vital records and make back-up copies. Identify a safe storage area within the facility where records can be relocated.
  5. Determine personnel responsible for maintaining the facility and assign essential tasks like:
    • Storing lightweight, loose items that may be blown around in the wind
    • Checking security and flood lighting
    • Boarding up windows and doors
    • Verifying that communications equipment is functioning properly
  6. Stock up on emergency supplies like:
    • Food and water for staff assigned to maintain the facility during the hurricane
    • First-aid kit
    • Battery operated radio and/or TV
    • One flashlight per person working during the hurricane
    • Extra batteries
  7. Identify emergency power requirements and determine if generator is available.
  8. Provide employees with hurricane preparedness information.

Protect The Property.

  1. Store files, furniture and equipment away from windows and doors.
  2. Unplug small appliances and equipment. Turn off all electricity at the main circuit breaker including air conditioning units.
  3. Dismiss non-essential staff.

ServiceMaster Restoration Services is prepared to respond to disasters when Mother Nature strikes. We are trained, equipped and ready to restore your business after any disaster. We provide comprehensive services from emergency procedures planning to mitigation and reconstruction with large loss capabilities. Our business is putting you back in business.